GOP Hispanderfest Breaks Out - To Appease Whom?
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Gillespie and Priebus agree: Likely Republican voters.

An orgy of Hispandering is sweeping the GOP Establishment. Mitt Romney’s stunningly unimaginative Dream Act wobbling has been followed by two further examples today. A story has been planted at The presenting the worming into the Romney campaign by long-time Cheap Labor Lobby servant Ed Gillespie as Romney hire means shift on Hispanics (By Cameron Joseph 04/17 12). And RNC chief Reince Priebus has performed a sickening grovel at Politico: GOP is listening to Latinos 4/17/12.

Priebus of course is the genius who landed the RNC with the Michael Steele disaster – and then took Steele’s place in what was probably at least partly a cover-up. His essay could just as well have been written by any MSM Hispanic hype artist. However it contains one particularly ominous component:

We have launched an innovative bilingual mobile messaging campaign…Our bilingual engagement will focus on interacting with voters where they live and where they work, while building relationships that last for years to come.
AKA Romney will flip flop on Official English.

Of course all this is innumerate nonsense. The White vote in 2012 will be at least 9 times the Hispanic vote and minor changes in turnout and GOP share in it would easily offset huge shifts in the Hispanic vote in the unlikely event the latter could be engineered. The rational course for the Republicans is the Sailer Strategy. is assured by friends in the Inside the Beltway Restrictionist outfits (who of course for obvious reasons cannot be named) that there are indeed many DC Republicans who are too stupid to grasp this simple arithmetic fact. But I do not believe this is true at the Gillespie/Priebus level. Another force is at work.

This is what I discussed a year ago in Newt Gingrich and GOP Nomination: Accepting Treason Lobby Veto.

…the GOP grassroots are just a tedious detail. The key constituencies are the cheap-labor plutocrats, and the gate-keepers in the MSM.
And it not just for the election. The GOP hacks are afraid of what follows, as I noted in Defeating Obama: Could GOP Prospects Stand The Rage?

This is why Drudge dodged reporting Derbyshire. Any move to consolidate the white vote is guaranteed to enrage this discreet but apparently paramount power in American politics.



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