Raj Chetty's All-White Team of Big Data Wizards
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Stanford economist Raj Chetty (pictured above lower right) has assembled at his Equality of Opportunity Project an expert team of crack data analysts to figure out why there isn’t enough social mobility in America. Above is Chetty and his team at their 2016 Sonoma retreat.

They’ve been doing outstanding Big Data work at assembling multigenerational databases never before seen in the social sciences. Why, for instance, they ask, do blacks and Indians (American, not Asian) tend to be stuck in the lower income percentiles generation after generation?

But the answers they are finding only seem to be more puzzling. Why aren’t blacks getting rich in Silicon Valley with their computer skills? Why does race matter, as Chetty’s new paper admits?

It’s a puzzlement.

One thing Chetty knows for sure … it couldn’t have anything to do with the links between IQ and ancestry!

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