Radio Derb Transcript Up For September 2: Biden Speech, Any Future For Trump?, Albanians In Albion, And Gorbachev RIP, Etc.
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The Radio Derb transcript is up for September 2, 2022. Go here to read or listen.

00:59  Pastor Joe addresses our soul.  (Biden’s speech address.)

11:43  How do you solve a problem like The Donald?  (Channeling Cromwell.)

17:16  Clingers…  Deplorables…  Semi-Nazis…  (Enemies of the people!)

20:22  Albanians in the news.  (Not sending their best.)

23:44  What are we doing in Iraq?  (Don’t ask Congress.)

26:54  Blacks having fun.  (Carnival time in London.)

30:26  Winnie the Pooh goes feral.  (Where’s Tigger?)

31:40  Sad story from Brazil.  (World’s loneliest man.)

32:48  Michael Gorbachev RIP.  (His two blunders.)

35:19  Back to the Moon?  (Artemis fail.)

38:02  Educational collapse.  (Top to bottom.)

41:12  USA leads the way.  (In pumpkin paddling.)

42:39  Signoff.  (For Dead Heads.)


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