Radio Derb Transcript Up For November 15: Impeachment Embarrassment, Swiss Preparedness, Demography News, And Popeye's Sandwich Wars, Etc
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The Radio Derb transcript for November 15 is up. Go here to read or listen.

01m25s  Disgust and shame.  (The impeachment hearings.)

09m05s  Why isn't everywhere Switzerland?  (A guy I could vote for.)

15m53s  The Rectification of Names.  (Weekly update.)

18m55s  Demography notes.  (The movement between the states.)

27m39s  Chuckling along with Steve.  (Some long-deserved recognition.)

32m46s  Victory over the "The."  (Google surrenders.)

35m02s  Sandwich wars.  (Why does it have to be Popeye's?)

37m55s  Signoff.  (Polonius v. Massenet.)


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