Radio Derb Transcript Up For January 4: The Swamp, The SPLC Suit, And "Supremacy", Etc.
January 10, 2019, 10:41 AM
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The Radio Derb Transcript is up for January 4—go here to read or listen.


00m53s  Trump no match for the Swamp.  (They buffaloed him.)

08m29s  The circus comes to town.  (Opening of Congress.)

15m21s  Suing the Thought Police.  (David tackles Goliath.)

19m53s  Leave me alone.  (Supremacy? No thanks.)

24m51s  After Brexit, CANZUK?  (Maybe even CANZUKUS?)

33m10s  Watson re-Watsoned.  (Dragged from his cowshed.)

38m52s  China's demography goes over the cliff.  (Nine years behind Japan's.)

41m35s  Judith Rich Harris, RIP.  (The most counterintuitive result in the modern human sciences.)

44m09s  Signoff.

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