Radio Derb Is On The Air: What We Would Have Got If Hillary Won, Etc.
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Radio Derb is on the air—go here to listen, here to download the MP3.

01m30s — Authoritarian Progressivism for beavers. (And a hero in the cultural counter-revolution.)

08m33s — The artillery barrage we dodged. (Law profs anticipating a Hillary win.)

17m58s — Underwhelming victories on immigration. (No-one remembers anything.)

28m26s — Is the SPLC losing respectability? (Even progressives are grumbling.)

39m07s — Will Italy go Roman on illegals? (And Spain bring forth a new Cid?)

45m11s — Illegal kills Muslim. (Islamophobia to blame?  No, Illegalophilia.)

47m20s — Heterosexual Pride Day. (Say it clear, say it loud: We're normal, we're proud!)

47m43s — Is it that easy to break into Britain? (How does an island nation have open borders?)

49m18s — Miss Bum Bum goes east. (Brazil for quantity, China for quality.)

50m54s — Signoff. (A call to patriotism.)

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