Quote Of The Day–”For The First Time, Black Americans Mingle Among The Genuine Masters Of The Universe”–And Two Them Of Had Roles In Triggering A Global Economic Crisis
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From After Racism, by Peter C. Myers, Claremont Review of Books, Summer 2011. Myers is quoting Eugene Robinson’s Disintegration: The Splintering of Black America:

For three of the four categories that Robinson identifies–to which the large majority of black Americans now belong–white racism or its legacy no longer imposes any serious encumbrance. The most numerous group he calls the Mainstream, the relatively unnoticed middle-class majority whose heroic rise he celebrates as “truly a great American success story–arguably, the greatest of all.” But the most spectacular success belongs to the Transcendent, the tiny elite whose enormous wealth and power places them far above ordinary Americans of any color. For the first time, black Americans mingle among the genuine Masters of the Universe; Robinson notes with bemused pride that “two African Americans [Fannie Mae CEO Franklin Raines and Merrill Lynch CEO Stanley O'Neal] had become big enough players in the financial world to have major roles–I should say allegedly–in triggering a global economic crisis.

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