Quinton Verdell Tellis: Nobody Is Calling Jessica Chambers's Accused Killer A Gentle Giant—Yet
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Fox News reports that jury selection has begun in the trial of Quinton Verdell Tellis, the black thug accused of murdering a white cheerleader, Jessica Chambers. He doused the 19-year-old with a flammable liquid and set her ablaze.

And guess what? He is suspected of murdering another girl, too:

Tellis has prior convictions for burglary and fleeing police. He was released from prison in October 2014 — two months before Chambers' killing.

Tellis faces another murder indictment in Louisiana, where he's accused in the torture death of Meing-Chen Hsiao, a 34-year-old Taiwanese graduate student at the University of Louisiana at Monroe. That indictment alleges that Tellis probably stabbed Hsiao more than 30 times in her face and body with a knife to get her to reveal her debit card's PIN number before killing her on July 29, 2015. He was extradited to Mississippi from Louisiana in June after pleading guilty to fraudulent use of Hsiao's card.

More details on that crime here.

From his photos at Heavy.com, he appears to be yet another “gentle giant,” but so far, a Google search doesn’t show that the media have thus described him … yet.

Undoubtedly, at trial, relative and friends will testify that they just don’t understand what set this “gentle giant” down the path of murder.


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