Russia Ad Buy NYT IS Panicking About: 157,700 Dollars!
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From the New York Times:
Google Finds Accounts Connected to Russia Bought Election Ads


SAN FRANCISCO — Google has found evidence that Russian agents bought ads on its wide-ranging networks in an effort to interfere with the 2016 presidential campaign.

The findings from an internal inquiry draw Google further into the growing investigation of how social networks and technology services were manipulated by the Russian government to spread misinformation and sow division during the 2016 election.

Using accounts believed to be connected to the Russian government, the agents purchased $4,700 worth of search ads and more traditional display ads…

Google found a separate $53,000 worth of ads with political material that were purchased from Russian internet addresses, building addresses or with Russian currency. It is not clear whether any of those were connected to the Russian government, and they may have been purchased by Russian citizens, the person said.

The messages of those ads spanned the political spectrum. One account spent $7,000 on ads to promote a documentary called “You’ve Been Trumped,” a film about Donald J. Trump’s efforts to build a golf course in Scotland along an environmentally sensitive coastline.

In other words, anti-Trump ads.
Another spent $36,000 on ads questioning whether President Barack Obama needed to resign. Yet another bought ads to promote political merchandise for Mr. Obama.
It’s almost like there are some businesses in Russia that peddle stuff to Americans.
… Facebook has said the Russian company had placed 3,000 ads on its network at a cost of about $100,000.

So … $4,700

+ $53,000




Wow, just Wow.

In contrast, Hillary and affiliated Super-PACs raised 1,190,700,000 dollars. Trump and Co. raised 646,800,000 dollars.

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