Proposal From The Comments Section: "The Barbara Jordan Immigration Act to Make America Great Again"
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In a blog post here earlier today, I piggybacked on a sentence—"Americans urgently need immigration teachable moments."—taken from a letter-to-the-editor in his local paper published by friend Tom Shuford.  I was making the point that true immigration reform—nowadays, "immigration sanity" is the better, unpolluted term—requires continuing and intensive education, by experts on today's immigration realities, of the largely and persistently clueless American public.

Coincidentally, a commenter at the American Greatness website, responding to an article today [10 Things the President Could Say to Drive the Left Even Crazier (2018 State of the Union Edition)] with suggestions for themes Trump should use in his State of the Union speech tonight, wrote:

Trump should rename the RAISE Act introduced by Senators Cotton and Purdue "The Barbara Jordan Immigration Act to Make America Great Again."

Lefty heads would explode and it would force the recommendations of the Jordan Commission into the public consciousness.

Great suggestion, MikeCLT, wherever you are!

And all you veteran readers know about the Jordan Commission, right?  Right?

Well, just in case some of you don't, here's something from Roy Beck (founder and head of NumbersUSA) on January 17, the 22nd anniversary of Barbara Jordan's death:

[Senator] Cotton's proposals for ending Chain Migration and the Visa Lottery happen to be the same proposals that Barbara Jordan delivered to Congress for the bi-partisan U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform which she chaired in the 1990s.

It is an indication of how extreme the immigration expansionist forces in Congress have become that Barbara Jordan, who nominated Bill Clinton for President, can apparently be considered an extreme right-winger by them today.

[Barbara Jordan's ideas too 'extreme' to be allowed in room of today's immigration expansionists]

Beyond the recommendations of the Jordan Commission, there's an immense amount of immigration facts, history, and policies that need to be injected into the public consciousness if we're to prevent the United States from devolving into a third-world-style ... er ... hellhole.  (Or as gifted commentator and phrasemaker Kurt Schlichter would say, a "Schumerhole.")



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