Peter Brimelow Talks "ICE Is Nice" On YouTube: Bike Locks, Double Standards, And Our Donation Campaign
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Peter Brimelow talks our "ICE Is Nice" including "bike lock double standards".


Ann Coulter mentions tonight that we knews how bad antifa was before Charlottesville, mentioning that "Antifa member Eric Clanton was going around Berkeley in a hoodie and face mask cracking a massive U-shaped bike lock on the heads of Trump supporters. "

Steve Sailer covered this in Story Of Masked Bike Lock Antifa Professor Eric Clanton Disappears Back Down Memory Hole.

The Associated Press covered it as  California Anti-Trump Protester Gets Probation for Assault.

The difference between the two approaches to the story is why what we do here is important, and why we need to ask you for money once again.


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