Permit Patty, Meet “Pizza Place Malik”
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What white people do is call the cops on suspicious blacks, or something similar, and then get creamed by the Internet and fired from their jobs.

What black people do is break the eye socket of a white man eating pizza in the Bronx, and then get away with it. No Internet shaming follows.

'White people are the devils': Police hunting for a man who started screaming in a New York pizzeria before punching a 60-year-old in the face so hard he needed eye surgery

  • Chris Bilcik, 60, was inside Ray's Pizza on East 138th Street in the Bronx when he was randomly assaulted on October 6
  • The victim was sitting at a table when the attacker walked in acting erratically
  • He started screaming about white people as he pointed at the victim
  • Surveillance video captured the victim trying to leave the pizzeria before the attacker punched him in the face
  • Bilcik said the attack left him with a fractured eye socket, burst blood vessels and a tear on his retina

By Emily Crane For

Published: 09:20 EDT, 18 October 2018

This particular episode hit home for me because, as a veteran of the Bronx, I can very easily imagine the circumstances. A white man, sitting along with his laptop in a pizza place. A black man walks in, muttering to himself. He spies the white man, calls white people “devils”, then all but knocks him unconscious.

The Daily Mail notes that nobody bothered to help, probably because none of them were white and empathized much.

Yet I trust Twitter will not create “Pizza Place Malik.” Mostly because we don't know the black guy's name—I'm taking a wild guess. And also because you'd be banned from Twitter if you created "Pizza Place Malik."

Just ask Jared Taylor.

I suppose both harms—having the cops called on you when you did nothing wrong, and getting your face punched—are real. But note the sharply worse consequences for whites when they're at the receiving and the offending ends.

Blacks are privileged to slide about freely in our society doing and saying as they please, knowing that they'll rarely face consequences for racist behavior. Blacks are not shamed in front of other blacks for acting racist toward whites.

If the NYPD's hate crimes unit captures “Malik”, he will not be embarrassed. He'll undergo a bit of inconvenience in the machinery of the criminal justice system. Whatever life he's got will not be destroyed. He'll probably catch a high five in the neighborhood.

Whites, by contrast, are paralyzed in their every thought, word and deed when it comes to race. They live in abject fear of being called racist. They suffer deep shame in front of other whites when called so. The media revels in their pain.

Whites are attacked for even the slightest of slights against blacks, and even when their only “slight” is to Eat Pizza While White.

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