Jared Taylor Sues Twitter
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On February 20th a suit was filed in San Francisco County Superior Court against Twitter, on behalf of Jared Taylor, proprietor of American Renaissance and all-round Dissident Right superhero.

Last December, you’ll recall, Twitter purged a great mass of dissident writers’ accounts on the grounds that they were associated with violent extremist groups. Jared was one of those purged. In fact both the American Renaissance Twitter account and Jared’s personal account were purged. When Jared asked which violent extremist group they thought he was associated with, Twitter did not deign to answer.

The suit’s being filed in California because of a Supreme Court ruling on the state constitution forty years ago, to the effect that when private property functions like a traditional public forum, the property owners could not prevent speech just because it was unwelcome to them. That sounds to me like a pretty good principle. It’s a shame it doesn’t apply nationwide.

I wish Jared the very best of luck with this lawsuit. I hope he gets a big fat settlement from Twitter, to plow back into the great work he’s been doing for nearly a quarter century now.

Here's Jared, and here's a link to the Amren.com webpage describing the suit.

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