Pawlenty for President: No Good On Arrival
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Busy with day job concerns today, but did notice this blistering email headline from a friend:
Same old Republican hacks on issueless Pawlenty campaign
He was sending me Politico’s gushing story on the staffing up of the nascent Pawlenty Presidential effort:

Pawlenty, under the radar of D.C.’s political community, has locked up some of the key operatives who engineered then-President George W. Bush’s reelection campaign – a significant feat for a little-known Midwestern politician… Pawlenty will also announce two co-chairmen, William Strong, a Morgan Stanley vice chairman, and former Rep. Vin Weber (R-Minn.), both of whom are heavyweight GOP figures, along with a list of prominent Minnesota donors.

Great. A Wall Street parasite with (for a ” heavyweight GOP figure”) a very funny history of political donations, and in Steve Sailer’s description, ”uberlobbyist” Vin Weber.

It is Vin Weber who should be a deal breaker for immigration reform patriots. In his twelve years in Congress 1981-93 Weber chalked up a perfect F- on the Numbers USA rating system. Since then he has been making a fortune as a Washington influence peddler, but has been seen lurking around on the wrong side of the Amnesty Wars. That he is Vice Chairman of Pawlenty's campaign should tell patriots all they need to know.

Minnesota has plenty of immigration-caused problems, what with the Hmong and Somalis. Pawlenty, as Dave Gorak predicted in 2006, is ignoring them. Facing them is not the way to gain the patronage of the Big Money/Inside the Beltway crowd.

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