Nikki Haley: Yup - Pretty Face (Waist too?) and Neocon Open Borders
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In answer to my question

Do any of's South Carolina readers know anything about Nikki Haley's position on immigration?

I was directed to

Laws on illegals debated by Yvonne Wenger Friday June 11 2010


parts of the state's 2008 anti-illegal immigration law have not been implemented

and the candidates were asked what they thought about this

U.S. Rep. Gresham Barrett, who faces state Rep. Nikki Haley in a runoff June 22 for the GOP nomination, said he believes South Carolina needs to be tough on illegal immigration.

"The Obama administration has failed to enforce our federal immigration laws, and as governor, Gresham Barrett will stand up for South Carolina's Tenth Amendment rights," Barrett's campaign spokeswoman Erin Ingraham said in a statement. "Gresham will ensure the laws already on the books will be stringently enforced — and will also push to pass an Arizona-style immigration plan right here at home."

However Bill Kristol's new darling Nikki Haley said

..the state needs to take action but officials must be practical.

"Laws are only as good as our ability to enforce them," she said in a statement. "In order to enforce illegal immigration reform in this state, we have to fund the prosecution of the laws we passed."

"Governing effectively is all about prioritizing how we spend taxpayer dollars and making sure that the laws we pass are actually working for the people of this state — right now, that's not happening, but as the reform movement that's sweeping South Carolina continues to grow, it will."

A political infant will recognize a Rule-book dodging of the issue. No explicit statement of enthusiasm for the cause. Not even any endorsement of the legislation! Just evasive wonkery.

Any South Carolinian who assumes Nimrata Nikki Randhawa Haley is going to reject her ethnic interests and defy the GOP Establishment on this question cannot figure odds.

About Nikki Haley's ethnic background I received an avalanche of email. Sikhs apparently make bad neighbors and annoy people. Violent gangsterism, aggressive political log rolling  - even blowing up airplanes  -they apparently make no friends. See also here. (H/T Conservative Heritage Times).

Can the apple fall far from the tree?

Looking through the comment threads in the various news stories on Haley and her opponent Gresham Barrett I am struck by the vitriolic hatred frequently expressed for Southern white men. They - and the women who love them - need to wake up.

(I understated Congressman Gresham Barrett's NumbersUSA A+ career ranking. He is the Delegation's best. Senator DeMint has an A.)

PS An alert lady friend asks: Why do we never see pictures of Nikki Haley without a loose Jacket?

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