RNC to White Men: —-Off (3)
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Apparently Chairmanship of the Republican National Committee has become another of those positions, like being head of an Ivy League school or Governor of the Federal Reserve, to which white men of Christian heritage Need Not Apply.

The clique which controls the RNC has just ordained failed Maryland Senate candidate and professional Black Michael Steele: Michael Steele becomes first black RNC chairman By Liz Sidoti Associated Press January 31 2009-01-31

Steele was preceded by professional Hispanic Senator Mel Martinez (R-Cuba) who has apparently found masquerading as a Republican Senator - now the brilliant leadership supplied by his cronies has cost the GOP the House, Senate, and White House - too much like work. (Martinez dropped out of the RNC position in late 2007 and his assistant Mike Duncan served as stop-gap.) Martinez succeeded hereditary open borders fanatic Ken Mehlman.

There is an irony here. Steele was already being prepared for Coronation in 2006 when the Rove/Mehlman crowd realized that somebody has put some sensible immigration remarks on Steele's Senate Campaign website. So he was dumped.

Some VDARE.com readers might hope that this means Steele will actually alter the RNC Establishment's line on immigration. That is very dubious. He has spent the last two years licking boots in preparation for this role. As Marcus Epstein noted in his VDARE.com report on the event, Steele opposed Ward Connerly's raising of Affirmative action at National Review's so-called Conservative Summit in 2007

...only Connerly, who has heroically led two successful state wide ballot initiatives against affirmative action, made opposing the policy a top priority. Michael Steele said affirmative action was a side issue - we needed to revitalize the black culture and it will go away.

And after the Paul/Guliani South Carolina confrontation, Pat Buchanan reported

...Michael Steele, GOP spokesman, was saying that Paul should probably be cut out of future debates...


By all means, throw out of the debate the only man who was right from the beginning on Iraq.

The childishly credulous AP report parrots Steele's boasting

The choice marked no less than "the dawn of a new party," declared the new GOP chairman, former Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele

But notes

Steele, an attorney...was considered the most moderate of the five candidates running.

The truth is, Steele's selection means no change. The RNC remains controlled by a faction which under the guise of "outreach" is determined to block any policy which could mobilize the GOP's key constituency: White men of Christian heritage - and the women who love them. Their job is to contribute, vote  - and shut up. The new Slave class!

In the post-Reconstruction South, there was the phenomenon of "Post Office Republicans". These people maintained the local party machinery, did nothing, and every few years got to gobble federal patronage when the ebb and flow of national politics put the Republicans in the White House.

When politically serious white men started migrating into the Republican Party as the Democrat's anti white bias became intolerable, their first task was to eliminate this group of parasites. It was quite difficult.

Now it needs to be done at the national level.

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