Oscar Winner Outraged At Chris Rock For Defaming Him As A White Guy
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A man who co-won a minor Oscar is burning with rage at Chris Rock for referring to him, moments after The Slap, as one of “four white guys.” When The Incident happened, Rock was out on stage to present the Best Documentary winner, which went to Summer of Soul about some concert in Harlem in 1969. Rock announced the winners as Questlove (the drummer for The Roots, the fine band on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show) and “four white guys.”

But, actually, there were only three. And one, Joseph Monish Patel, is South Asian. And he is SO SO VERY ANGRY to be defamed as a white guy.

With all the white privilege in our society, you can’t just libel somebody as white if they belong to a more oppressed race.

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