One Old Vet’s Wednesday Amnesty Collection 23 – Excellent Barletta Piece, Surprisingly Fair Bloomberg Dairy Story. Drudge 0.
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H/T One Old Vet

Early on Wednesday morning One Old Vet posted a compendium of 23 Amnesty stories. In addition several important stories were featured separately, notably Judicial Watch’s follow up on the story of Illegals reacting to exploit Obamacrat detainee releases:

Once the secret liberation initiative hit the news, the word clearly spread like wildfire south of the border. In fact  the world’s largest Spanish-language network—extremely popular throughout Latin America— interviewed one of the freed illegal immigrants, a man named Manuel who expressed shock that he was let go from Polk Detention Center in Texas. In the segment Manuel admits that many of the “muchachos” (young men) released from his facility have criminal records and all were in disbelief that they were let go.

For the compendium, OOV at last managed to find a statement of Amnesty opposition appearing in the MSM. This was Secure the Borders Before Addressing Illegal Immigrants By Rep. Lou Barletta Roll Call March 12 2013.

In 1986, we were told that if we granted amnesty to a mere 1.5 million illegal aliens, we would secure the border and be rid of the problem. In the end, more than 3 million came forward. Today, we are to believe that there are about 11 million, but when we wave the carrot of citizenship to the world, that number is sure to double, as history has shown it will.

And when the 20 million (or so) newly minted residents come forth, the burden on our already sagging economy will be disastrous. The Heritage Foundation estimates that the cost in social programs will exceed $2.6 trillion over 20 years once Social Security, Obamacare, Medicare, Medicaid, unemployment benefits and food stamps are factored in.

Once again the powerful fluency of this essay underlines why MSM appearances by this well-credentialed expert are so rare.

This collection had a widely-variegated range of important stories, for instance Lindsey Graham weaseling out of effective interior enforcement Senate immigration group: National ID too costly By Erica Werner AP Mar 12, 2013 and open borders fanatic Diana Furchtgott-Roth trying to weaken the requirement that amnestied illegals pay overdue taxes: How will illegal immigrants pay back-taxes?  March 12, 2013

But a surprisingly encouraging story was Lack of Cow Milkers for Yogurt Drives Immigration Debate By Alan Bjerga Bloomberg Mar 12, 2013

While this is basically the usual Dairy Industry/cheap labor template featuring professional whiner Matt Lamb whom we have met before, the author gave unusual space to the opposition arguments:

“They can never adequately explain why they can’t raise wages,” said Eric Ruark, research director for the Federation for American Immigration Reform in Washington. “If there’s a labor shortage, you raise wages. That’s classic supply-and-demand. Maximizing profits for the producer should not be the main goal of our food system.”

Even Lamb hedged

“We do a disservice when we say Americans won’t do this work, because it’s not true,” said Lamb… “I can find them, but they drive past farms filled with immigrants to get here,” said Lamb.

Of course the comment thread was caustic and well-informed.

There is a reason the Treason Lobby is resorting to stealth – the peasantry knows the facts too well.

No thanks the Drudge Report, which once again totally dodged the issue.

Orders are orders!

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