Vanishing American on Eberstadt and the "Global Enterprise Institute"
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At, we were fairly pleased with The Hudson Institute's recent conference "The Future Politics of Immigration". This was mainly because it supplied us with a web cast of the clash between the arrogant dogmatism of open-borders enthusiast Diana Furchtgott-Roth and Peter Brimelow's deeper understanding of the subject.

Click here for the painfully slow-loading site: Peter's presentation begins just under the left of his name. (The audio quality of the Q&A improves in the latter part.)

But the Vanishing American blog has probably the better perspective. The "third great revolution" is keyed off a Washington Times article on another panel at the conference discussing the prospect of whites becoming a minority in America. Quite correctly VA is disgusted by the complacency about this by some of the attendees. The Washington Times reports

American Enterprise Institute scholar Nicholas Eberstadt said "the United States, for all its flaws, has a pretty workable formula...historically, immigrants in America, over time, are able to assimilate into society and become productive citizens, inferring that the same assimilation process would take place over the next century as immigrants, and their offspring, became the ethnic majority in America.

Vanishing American responds:

So by Eberstadt's reckoning, it really doesn't matter who inherits America, or what remains of it; people are interchangeable ciphers, you see. The mixed multitudes who will inhabit this country will, according to Eberstadt, 'assimilate' and carry on. You see, America, being just an idea, does not need us; Americans are being phased out, declared obsolete.

And comes up with a reasonable quip:

Nicholas Eberstadt and the neocon 'American' Enterprise Institute care nothing about historic America and Americans...Judging by the content you may find at their website, they are globalist in outlook. Why they call themselves 'American' is a mystery; why not call themselves the 'Global Enterprise Institute'?

A consistent strength of Vanishing American is the clear understanding displayed of why the US immigration disaster happened:

The elites engineered this change to our country, and to all Western countries; it is not an accident. Had they not wished it to happen, they could have stopped it at any point. But they continued it, and now it seems they are accelerating it, trying to be doubly sure that it cannot be reversed.

And equally what is wrong with this:

There will be no 'American culture' or 'American ideals' once the people called 'Americans' no longer exist as a distinct people...
It isn't about superiority, or it need not be. It's simply about our right to go on existing, and living the way our people have lived for generations. It's about preserving our family continuity through time; our progeny are simply our family in the future dimension.
Only we can carry on our culture. No one else can do it; not Hispanics or Bantus or Hmongs or Iraqis or Somalis or whoever else our scheming elites are dropping on our doorsteps. Only we can make America, this country everybody wants to come to. America is us; we are America. We made America, and we continue to make America. America is our creation.

Vanishing American does not provide an email address, but does deserve congratulating. Reprove Diana Furchtgott-Roth and Nicholas Eberstadt.

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