Crazy ROLL CALL Advice To NY Dem: Win With Cheap Labor Vote
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Sometimes the fanaticism of open-borders enthusiasts leads them to say laughably dumb things. I discussed a case in Obama Campaign Celebrates Elderly Immigrants Plundering U.S. Taxpayer.

A new example is Either Party Could Benefit From a Move on Immigration by Joshua Miller and Daniel Newhauser Roll Call Oct 17, 2012. This seriously suggests that the way for the incumbent Democrat to hold the NY-26 district is to win the vote of Cheap Labor Hog

…dairy farmer Matt Lamb…a self-described conservative guy and a longtime Republican voter… he’s considering casting his ballot for Democratic Rep. Kathy Hochul and President Barack Obama because of what he calls his most important issue.

Lamb has more than 2,000 cows on his family farm that need to be milked three times a day, and he struggles to find the labor to do it. He puts ads in local papers but still is at pains to find adequate help. Lamb uses some foreign workers, but the current immigration system makes it almost impossible for him to get visas for potential new employees… he’s seen the GOP move in what he thinks is the wrong direction on his key issue.

“I’m a single-issue voter: Where’s my labor going to come from?”

The story then degenerates into the standard Hispanic vote hype fantasy.

It apparently does not occur to the authors that most of the 93% white NY 26th District, which has a median income of only $46,653, might prefer higher wages to seeing immigrants undercutting them for employment. No doubt Miller and Newhauser are in training to work for the Wall Street Journal.

Kathy Hochul appears to be wiser: her Numbers USA C ranking makes her equal best Democrat in the Treason-rich NY delegation.

Of course it would be far too much to ask public affairs journalists to know that the traditional answer to high American wages has always been mechanization – as laid out for us here by Ed Rubenstein.

However as a successful Dairy entrepreneur Matt Lamb will unquestionably be aware that it is inflows of cheap, frequently illegal workers which are enabling Megafarms like his to destroy the otherwise more efficient family dairy farmers.

Tell Joshua Miller and Daniel Newhauser to learn American Economic History.  Tell Matt Lamb not to be so selfishly greedy. After all, his Lamb Farms Inc outfit was already given $1,471,161 by the taxpayer in recent years.

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