On All Souls’ Day, Remembering VDARE.com’s Dead
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Above: The Day of the Dead by William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1825-1905)

November 2 is All Souls’ Day, which is preceded by All Saints’ Day (November 1, which of course is preceded by the now-secular festival of Halloween (which gives me the creeps, although Lydia and our little girls love it). All Souls is the day to remember the departed, and as VDARE.com was launched on Christmas Eve 1999, these, alas, are beginning to add up. James Fulford remembers Hugh McInnish elsewhere. I particularly think of Linda Thom, who calmly wrote me in February: “I will not make it to 2023.” She asked only that I update her on my children, each of whose births she had celebrated with hand-knitted presents. I miss her fierce statistical intelligence and equally sharp periodic defense of her residual Democrat reflexes (there was a time when immigration patriots were allowed to be Democrats) over abortion, George Floyd etc. I thought it kept us honest.

A list, in alphabetical order, of VDARE.com writers who have passed away.

And finally, taken from us far too young, Martin Rojas, who because of America’s emerging totalitarianism, wrote for us under a number of pseudonyms.

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