Old White Male Stephen King Attacks Coronavirus Team For Being Old White Males
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“White” is a pejorative now.

“White” is a regarded as a negative, universally denounced.

Were a bunch of white guys to save the world from a meteorite, they wouldn’t be celebrated.

No, their efforts would be denounced, for their successful mission to save the planet lacked the requiste diversity, inclusion and equity.

On March 13, 2020, President Trump gave his most important address to the nation of his presidency, concerning the coronavirus/Wuhan Virus and his administration’s decision to declare a national emergency to deal with this growing threat.

I’m not a virologist. I’m not an epidemiologist.

But it’s good to know we have an administration taking extraordinary steps to try and stop the growing threat of disease originating in China from becoming a pandemic in our nation.

Note that Trump’s coronavirus team is all male, all old, and all white.

— Stephen King (@StephenKing) March 13, 2020

However, the efforts of Trump administration were of little concern to best-selling author Stephen King. The horror author decided to attack Trump’s coronavirus team–the individuals with him at the March 13, 2020 press conference–as “Note that Trump’s coronavirus team is all male, all old, and all white.”

This Tweet received 114,00+ “likes” and more than 13,800+ re-tweets… for those unfamiliar with Twitter lexicon, this means the Tweet went not only viral, but was received overwhelmingly positive.

“White” is a pejorative now.

“White” is a regarded as a negative, universally denounced by the woke amongst us.

The question you must consider asking at this point is simple: would those anti-white individuals amongst us rather tens of millions of people needlessly die from the coronavirus/Wuhan Virus spreading across America or would they rather white people in leadership positions stop the pandemic from happening?

Stephen King (not to be confused with the Congressman from Iowa) lives and writes from Maine, one of the whitest and safest states in America. Replete with social capital, Maine will have no problem weathering the coronavirus storm.

But his Tweet reveals the real bigotry in America, where it is not only acceptable to direct antipathy and hatred at whites, but considered part of the zeitgeist to question any activity collecting too many white people in positions of authority (or to celebrate, when you consider the #OscarsSoWhite hysteria surrounding the Academy Awards) as illegitimate.

The day is rapidly approaching when this era ends.

Perhaps the coronavirus/Wuhan Virus hysteria will accelerate this moment.

Until then, the anti-white paradigm will continue, even if it means large segments of American society harbor extreme animosity toward whites (even among the whitest of white people, like Stephen King) who dare try and provide leadership to stop the pandemic from taking an unnecessarily significant number of lives across this nation.

Because in the eyes of shocking number of white people in America: fighting white racism > stopping a pandemic from taking American lives.

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