Ohioans! Prevent More Betrayal! Tell Rob Portman To Go Now!
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A piece of good news much less important than the death of GOP corrupter Sheldon Adelson but still welcome:  GOP Sen. Rob Portman won't run for reelection, saying it's difficult to 'break through the partisan gridlock' by Clare Foran, Jeff Zeleny and Alex Rogers, CNN, January 25, 2021.

Unfortunately Portman will still be cluttering up the Senate until 2022. His announcement seems to indicate plans to become even more of a RINO than he already is:

Portman also signaled he stands ready to work with the Biden administration…

“In the meantime, I am hopeful that President Biden will follow through on his inaugural pledge to reach across the aisle, and I am prepared to work with him and his administration.”

What price a Senator’s vote in a 50–50 Senate?

VDARE.com’s beef with Portman is well expressed by his NumbersUSA ranking: F.

To see what an outrage this is consider the ranking of the rest of Ohio Republican delegation:

A+ (11% of peer group)

Davidson, Warren (Rep. - 8th) R - OH 97%

Jordan, Jim (Rep. - 4th) R - OH 96%

A (6% of peer group)

Chabot, Steve (Rep. - 1st) R - OH 93%

A- (11% of peer group)

Wenstrup, Brad (Rep. - 2nd) R - OH 89%

Johnson, Bill (Rep. - 6th) R - OH 88%

B+ (6% of peer group)

Turner, Michael (Rep. - 10th) R - OH 85%

B (17% of peer group)

Latta, Robert (Rep. - 5th) R - OH 78%

Gonzalez, Anthony (Rep. - 16th) R - OH 76%

Balderson, Troy (Rep. - 12th) R - OH 73%

B- (6% of peer group)

Joyce, David (Rep. - 14th) R - OH 66%

C+ (6% of peer group)

Gibbs, Bob (Rep. - 7th) R - OH 62%

C (6% of peer group)

Stivers, Steve (Rep. - 15th) R – OH

Portman is a whole 2 full grades below the weakest of his colleagues!

Looking at Ohio’s Democrats is equally instructive:

F- (28% of peer group)

Beatty, Joyce (Rep. - 3rd) D - OH 0%

Brown, Sherrod (Sen.) D - OH 0%

Fudge, Marcia (Rep. - 11th) D - OH 0%

Kaptur, Marcy (Rep. - 9th) D - OH 0%

Ryan, Tim (Rep. - 13th) D - OH 0%

The Democrats have become a monolithic Tightly-disciplined Treason Lobby outfit. This is what Portman wants to cooperate with.

Ohioans need to prevent further betrayal now.

Tell Rob Portman to resign!




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