Obama Chooses Nancy Killefer As His "Chief Performance Officer"
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Obama created a new position called the "Chief Performance Officer" (CPO). Obama chose Nancy Killefer as his CPO. Killefer's role as the nation's new CPO isn't very clear but there are endless numbers of articles on the internet that speculate on what she will do if you care to slog through them.

I haven't had time to really dig into Killefer, but what is known so far about her is not very encouraging, especially considering that Obama has stacked his administration with dregs of the Clinton administration who are advocates of expanded immigration and "free trade". Whatever influence Killefer has it sure won't be to help American workers keep their jobs.

Nancy Killefer has an MBA and a BA in economics. If that's not enough to make you nervous, she was manager at the Treasury and IRS. BLECH! Killefer is a senior director for McKinsey & Company and has been there since 1979. McKinsey is a large consultancy agency and had for clients companies that went bankrupt; like Enron, Swiss-air, Kmart, and Global Crossing.[Personality Spotlight: Nancy Killefer, UPI, January 7, 2009]

McKinsey could be characterized many ways, but for the most part they are a bodyshop that companies use to outsource management functions. They have offshore offices all over the world. They also publish sham studies that are widely quoted. Their studies appear to be academic and objective but are mostly self-serving calls for more offshoring and to allow more H-1B visas.

McKinsey's CEO is Rajat Gupta who is known as the first India-born CEO of billion dollar US transnational. You can read all about Rajat in this 1994 article: The Superboss By Sreenath Sreenivasan, Business Today,April 22, 1994.

There are simply too many outrageous things that McKinsey has said to cover in this newsletter but here are some nuggets of wisdom that the McKinsey Global Institute published in a report called Offshoring: Is it a win-win game? [August, 2003.] Somebody should ask Killefer if she believes this trash but we can count on the mainstream media to treat her with kid gloves.

  • "Offshoring creates wealth for U.S. companies and consumers and therefore for the United States as a whole."
  • Offshoring saves U.S. companies, on average, 58 cents for every dollar spent overseas, thereby increasing productivity, profitability and competitiveness.
  • For every dollar spent offshoring, U.S. service providers purchase an additional 5 cents worth of U.S. goods and services, which create U.S. jobs.
  • Global outsourcing frees up U.S. labor to engage in work the market determines is more productively performed in America. "Far from being bad for the United States, offshoring creates net additional value for the U.S. economy that did not exist before.

For more on McKinsey this is an excellent article: Inside McKinsey |Enron isn't its only client to melt down. Suddenly, times are trying for the world's most prestigious consultant, BusinessWeek, July 8, 2002.

This video shows Obama introducing Nancy Killefer:

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