NumbersUSA's "True Reformer" Hallmark - Will It Count In Arizona Primaries?
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Flake (Left) versus Cardon: Only one "True Reformer"

In Texas: Ted Cruz Won. Did Patriots? Yesterday I noted that some time after my first piece on him, Ted Cruz got around to supplying Numbers USA with the data enabling them to give him their highest ranking of “True Reformer” – unlike his opponent.

A reader points out that a similar situation exists in Arizona, where Will Cardon holds this honor. Cardon is the leading challenger in this month’s GOP Senate Primary to Establishment favorite Congressman Jeff Flake.

Flake of course was so bad on immigration in the Bush years that the Democrats seemed to have hopes of recruiting him. In reporting on his declaration for the Senate race Peter Brimelow quoted Washington Watcher

Without a doubt Flake has the most pro-mass immigration record. He has a career C rating from NumbersUSA, but he has an F- on amnesty, chain migration, and increasing legal immigration. Flake sponsored or voted for amnesty six times. He has often taken the lead being the primary sponsor with Luis Gutierrez(D-IL) of the STRIVE Act in 2007. (The Strive Act would have granted amnesty to virtually every single illegal alien in the country


Another Arizona “True Reformer” primary situation exists, sadly, in the race for the GOP nomination in the 6th Congressional District. Both Congressmen Dave Schweikert and Ben Quayle are ranked “True Reformers”.

Both Congressmen have proposed bills to stop the Obamacrat Administrative Amnesty (stalled, of course by the GOP House leadership). But only Schweikert has signed to co sponsor his opponent’s version - and also Lou Barletta’s bill.

For myself, I find that significant.

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