Progress On Amnesty Blocking Bills - Question About Quayle.
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Is Congressman Quayle sincere?

The Amnesty Blocking Bills made a little more progress yesterday. Congressman Ben Quayle’s HR 5953 picked up 2 more Cosponsors

Rep. Duncan Hunter [R-CA52]
Rep. Sue Myrick [R-NC9]

This brings the total up to 36. Dave Schweikert’s HR 5397 and Lamar Smith’s HR 2497 were unchanged at 21 and 55. (Scroll down Bill link to pop up.)

Duncan Hunter had previously signed the Smith Bill and Sue Myrick was an early cosponsor of Schweikert’s.

Congressman Quayle has still not reciprocated and signed his Primary rival’s HR 5397, neither has he signed HR 2497 (which is almost a year old). To my mind this raises questions as to his sincerity on the issue.

Still only 4 Representatives (including Dave Schweikert) have signed all 3 measures. At the least, this is very inefficient of the immigration Patriots in the House – in a political sense all three send the same message.

And as Peter Brimelow noted last night, strong Congressional messages are now essential.

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