Texas GOP Senate Primary—Do Patriots Have A Dog In This Fight?
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Ted Cruz (L) versus David Dewhurst: Professional Hispanic or Slave Power RINO?


VDARE.com has not looked at the Texan GOP Senate Primary, where the leading contenders are Lt Governor David Dewhurst and former Texan Solicitor general Ted Cruz. This is not at all because we are not worried about Texas: alas, it is purely and simply because of lack of resources.

But now an interesting development has demonstrated that the National Question is deemed by political professionals there to be highly potent. Front runner Dewhurst has suddenly attacked Cruz for Hispanic chauvinism:

A new radio ad from Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst brought race and illegal immigration to the forefront of the U.S. Senate race Friday, the last day of early voting before Tuesday’s primary.

In the ad, called “Amnesty,” Dewhurst’s campaign implies that former Texas Solicitor General Ted Cruz supports granting amnesty to illegal immigrants due to Cruz’s serving as a board member for two Hispanic groups, the Hispanic Leadership Fund and the Hispanic Alliance for Prosperity Institute.

Dewhurst's "Amnesty" Attack on Cruz Stirs Controversy By Aman Batheja The Texas Tribune May 26, 2012

Dewhurst’s complaint is definitely valid. Ted Cruz is a white half-Cuban clearly planning a Rubio-like career as a Professional Hispanic in the Republican Party. His Princeton/Harvard Law/Supreme Court clerkship career reeks of Affirmative Action. Although he does have a canned anti- illegal immigration performance I am told he regularly recites on the (suspiciously frequent) occasions he is on the NeoCon Talk shows, he does not appear to have supplied NumbersUSA with enough data for them to rate him—a prerequisite for any candidate serious about the issue.

From a VDARE.com point of view, however the trouble is that Dewhurst, endorsed by the atrocious Rick Perry, is clearly part of the RINO/Slave Power GOP control clique which is recklessly and selfishly presiding over the Texan version of Mexifornication.

A positive about this row is that further documents which side the Hispanic branch of the Bush dynasty is on:

…the (Cruz) campaign issued a statement from George P. Bush, the nephew of former President George W. Bush and a co-founder of the Hispanic Republicans of Texas, who called the ad racially divisive.

“When I first heard this false attack ad, I was offended not only as a Hispanic but as a Republican,” Bush said. “We are a party of inclusion that welcomes the fastest growing demographic in our State that largely shares our conservative values of limited government, strengthening the family and supporting small business.”

Accusations of race-baiting swirl in U.S. Senate race By Kate Alexander Stateman.com Friday, May 25, 2012

Not the American side!

Dewhurst needs to get more than 50% in Tuesday’s vote to avoid a run-off. If a success is agreed to be because he dared to suggest that Texan Republicans follow his opponent’s example in considering their ethnic interests, maybe Patriots will get something out of this dismal mess.

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