Push For Formal Amnesty For Homosexuals
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The Obama Regime did not begin its Administrative Amnesty with its recent formal program for so-called DREAMers.  The formal amnesty was preceeded by years of behind the scenes actions for individual aliens, trial balloons, and test programs.  They led inexicibly to the formal amnesty for DREAMers.  And the same process is underway for homosexuals.
HuffPo August 1, 2012 by Elise Foley
WASHINGTON — More than 80 House Democrats called Wednesday for the government to officially state that same-sex relationships would be considered in immigration decisions, a year after the Obama administration announced it would begin allowing some undocumented immigrants to stay if they had significant family ties to the United States. 

Although the administration said at the time that same-sex relationships would be considered equal to opposite-sex ones in its review of immigration cases, that has yet to be put into writing, which the members argued makes it relatively ineffective.

And so it begins.  The Regime is testing the waters, looking for any serious pushback from RINOs like John Boehner, and when finding no resistence, pushing forward.

So, it is just a matter of time before we get the homosexual amnesty, thanks to Boehner and Mittens who did nothing.

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