Texas: Ted Cruz Won. Did Patriots?
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Cruz (Left) beats Dewhurst. Patriot or Professional Hispanic?

So: Tea Party-Backed Cruz Wins Texas GOP Senate Race By Cathy Huey-Burns Real Clear Politics August 1, 2012. And heavily:

In the race to replace retiring Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, Cruz defeated Dewhurst by an impressive 14 points in the runoff election for the GOP nomination.

A lot of people VDARE.com respects - like Angry White Dude – are delighted by this result. And to the extent it represents a defeat for the despicable Texan GOP Establishment, we are delighted too.

But I remain dubious about Cruz, for the reasons I laid out in Texas GOP Senate Primary—Do Patriots Have A Dog In This Fight?

On top of everything else his Princeton/Harvard Law credentials raise a red flag. The control element running Ivy League selection nowadays is in the business of forming a Left Nomenklatura. Getting their approval is a significant sign. True, John Derbyshire cogently argues people mature – but not often well, Inside the Beltway: look at Chief Justice Roberts.

I fear another Rubio – another Professional Hispanic.

One completely good thing: When I wrote the above essay, Cruz despite making the right noises had not bothered to fill in the NumbersUSA election questionnaire on immigration. Subsequently he did so, winning their “True Reformer” hallmark. So he is on the record, and Patriots can claim a share of credit for his success.

And as Real Clear Politics says

…the implications of Cruz’s victory will likely reach beyond this red state’s borders… the win will energize Tea Party conservatives to be active in elections next year — including the Virginia governor’s race — and congressional legislative sessions... activists in Tennessee and South Carolina are already talking about ways to oust prominent Sens. Lamar Alexander and Lindsey Graham, respectively.

Now there’s a thought

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