Norm Matloff on SLATE's Oremus and That Brookings Study
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Some readers have complained about Steve Sailer's evisceration of the effort by Slate's Will Oremus to sneer away Silicon Valley programmers' objections to the Schumer/ Rubio Amnesty/ Immigration Surge bill, on the grounds that Steve didn't directly answer this single Oremus charge:

In fact, as Popper duly notes, a Brookings study found that H1-B workers in the tech industry make 26 percent more than their American counterparts.

[Link in original].

"Popper" is Verge's Ben Popper, whose Is Silicon Valley's immigration agenda gutting the tech industry's middle class? (July 3) provoked Oremus' Treason Lobby damage control effort, and if you click though you'll see that Popper did indeed provide a refutation, in the form of a dissenting study from EPI. (Patrick Cleburne blogged about EPI's finding here). Oremus simply suppressed this inconvenient fact.

But I asked Professor Norm Matloff about how he would respond to the Brookings study and he replied in pained tones:

Peter, I already DID respond to it:

Hal Salzman has since that time found even more major flaws in the study.

But no matter, people will keep citing it.

Sigh. It's hard to keep up with this stuff. But a useful rule of thumb is that everything an immigration enthusiast says is a lie.

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