Norm Matloff on SLATE`s Oremus and That Brookings Study
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July 04, 2013, 01:06 AM
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Some readers have complained about Steve Sailer`s evisceration of the effort by Slate`s Will Oremus to sneer away Silicon Valley programmers` objections to the Schumer/ Rubio Amnesty/ Immigration Surge bill, on the grounds that Steve didn`t directly answer this single Oremus charge:

In fact, as Popper duly notes, a Brookings study found that H1-B workers in the tech industry make 26 percent more than their American counterparts.

[Link in original].

"Popper" is Verge`s Ben Popper, whose Is Silicon Valley`s immigration agenda gutting the tech industry`s middle class? (July 3) provoked Oremus` Treason Lobby damage control effort, and if you click though you`ll see that Popper did indeed provide a refutation, in the form of a dissenting study from EPI. (Patrick Cleburne blogged about EPI`s finding here). Oremus simply suppressed this inconvenient fact.

But I asked Professor Norm Matloff about how he would respond to the Brookings study and he replied in pained tones:

Peter, I already DID respond to it:

Hal Salzman has since that time found even more major flaws in the study.

But no matter, people will keep citing it.

Sigh. It`s hard to keep up with this stuff. But a useful rule of thumb is that everything an immigration enthusiast says is a lie.