No, You’re Not a Real American If You Want To Destroy This Country
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Writing at Politico, Jeff Greenfield says Stephen Miller used a bad word in his comical dispute with CNN's Cuban immigration lobbyist, Jim Acosta.

That word? “Cosmopolitan.”

That word is off limits because Stalin used against his critics, and now European nationalists are doing the same thing.

We can’t have that.

Wrote Greenfield:

To be clear: Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller would angrily wave away any suggestion that they are echoing the sentiments of anti-democratic political movements, much less anti-Semitic dog whistles. But there is no evading the unhappy reality that to label someone a “cosmopolitan” carries with it a clear implication that there is something less patriotic, less loyal … someone who is not a “real American.”
Perhaps Greenfield knows this, or perhaps he doesn’t, but Miller is Jewish.

We can thus doubt that he was using an “anti-Semitic dog whistle.”

As for the rest, well, we’re certainly not implying that “that there is something less patriotic, less loyal ... someone who not a ‘real American’’” as this immigration debate goes.

We’re outright saying it.

If you want to change this country into something it isn’t, or wasn’t intended to be, then you're not patriotic, you're not loyal and you're not a real American.

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