Nicholas Stix Supplies Trayvon Martin FAQ - And Pertinent Context
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Sweet-looking unthreatening child Trayvon Martin

Nicholas Stix, reprising his fine work on the Duke Rape Hoax, is providing a valuable service with Trayvon Martin FAQ  which collates the facts of the key elements of the Martin/Zimmerman encounter. A must bookmark for anyone seriously following the matter. Latest update Friday:

TM’s family has reported his height at 6’2?. And a close friend of GZ, Joe Oliver, says Zimmerman is 5’8? and currently only weighs 170 pounds. Added 3/30/2012.
Another post on Nicholas Stix Uncensored today is germane:

If Obama Had Had 15-20 Sons, They Would Have Looked Like the Mopes Who Committed Yet Another Racist Lynching in South Carolina

This deals with the 6-1 Black/White beating on March 17th discussed in Seneca police referring assault case to federal authorities By Ray Chandler March 28, 2012.

Lots of luck with that Hate Crime referral, Seneca Police (but congratulations on spirit). In June last year NSU reported Near Fatal, Columbia, SC, 8-on-1, Black-on-White Attack Not a Hate Crime and more recently has had to record The Carter Strange Case: Vicki Strange Speaks Out Against Judge’s Kid Gloves Treatment of Black Assailant Who, as Part of a Racist Lynch Mob, Sucker-Punched, Stomped, and Left Her Son for Dead

Not only was this unprovoked near-killing not dealt with as a Hate Crime but the SC Judiciary is trying hard to avoid meaningful punishment of the assailants.

Increasingly this is par for the course. Attorney General Eric Holder would approve.

C Strange

Carter Strange after attack by 8 blacks: no significant punishments have ensued

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