Ngozi Fulani Is Actually Marlene Headley
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So, the lady who calls herself Ngozi Fulani (an Igbo first named combined with a last name lifted from a different tribe), dresses like a discount store Queen of Zamunda in Coming to America, and who had the 83-year-old lady-in-waiting cancelled for asking where her people (i.e., her family) are from is really named Marlene Headley, and her family was from Barbados.

You can’t get much more West Indian than having a name that’s a cross between Jamaican sprint legend Merlene “Bronze Queen” Ottey and the Wayan Brothers’ hardest working West Indian family, “Hey Mon with the Headleys.”

Did I mention that her parents were named Gladstone and Mildred Headley?

The aged lady-in-waiting who got her honorary title taken away because Ms. Headley/Fulani had a hissy fit was one of the late queen’s closest friends. She no doubt has met a million people from around the Commonwealth and has a well-practiced eye and ear for distinguishing West Indians from West Africans.

Susan Hussey likely sensed Ms. Fulani’s bogusity. Whether she kept asking the West Indian with the fake West African name out of feline malice or out of sympathetic curiosity, expecting to hear an interesting human interest story, is uncertain.

What is certain is that the George Floyd Era has empowered black women to act out their worst tendencies.

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