Newspaper in Hamburg Attacked By Arsonists for Publishing CHARLIE HEBDO Cartoons
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A Hamburg daily that reprinted satirical cartoons from French newspaper Charlie Hebdo was hit by arsonists at the weekend, raising security concerns in Germany on the eve of a planned mass rally against Islam in the city of Dresden...

[T]wo people were arrested after an incendiary device was thrown into a building of the Hamburger Morgenpost daily, setting some documents on fire, police said.

The Morgenpost had reprinted cartoons from Charlie Hebdo in a show of solidarity with the French weekly known for its mocking broadsides against Islam and other religions, and with the principle of freedom of expression overall.

[Attack on German newspaper raises tension before anti-Islam rally, by Michael Nienbar, Reuters, January 11, 2014]

Of course, the real problem, as the Main Stream Media tells us over and over again, is that all this trouble might make more misguided Germans show up for protest marches or vote for parties reporters do not like.  And that can not and will not be allowed.
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