Pushing Back Against Free Speech Hypocrisy In Britain
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Peter Hitchens, author of The Abolition of Britain (and brother of the late Christopher Hitchens) hits one out of the park in today’s MailOnline, pushing back against the outbreak of mass hypocrisy triggered by last week’s terrorist attacks in Paris.
We were told on Friday that ‘politicians from all sides’ had lined up to attack Ukip’s Nigel Farage for supposedly ‘exploiting’ the Paris massacre.

Mr Farage had (quite reasonably) pointed out that the presence of Islamist fanatics in our midst might have something to do with, a) uncontrolled mass migration from the Muslim world, and b) decades of multicultural refusal to integrate them into our laws and customs.

Rather than disputing this with facts and logic (admittedly this would be hard), the three ‘mainstream’ parties joined in screeching condemnation. [The sinister, screeching mob who want to kill free speech (And no, I DON'T mean the Islamist terrorists in our midst)”; Mail On Sunday, January 10th.]

So they did, as I reported on Radio Derb.  (I called Farage's remarks "mild statements of the obvious.")

My podcast went to press in the wee hours of Friday morning, though, before Hypocrisy had mustered its legions.  Hitchens has the whole horde in plain sight.

As for freedom, here’s an interesting thing. The French Leftist newspaper Liberation reported on September 12, 1996, that three stalwarts of Charlie Hebdo (including Stephane ‘Charb’ Charbonnier) had campaigned in their magazine to collect more than 170,000 signatures for a petition calling for a ban on the French National Front party. They did this in the name of the ‘Rights of Man’.
Thence to the heart of the matter.
The French National Front exists mainly because a perfectly reasonable concern about mass immigration was sneeringly dismissed by the mainstream French parties. Something similar is happening in Germany, where large demonstrations against ‘the Islamisation of the West’ in many cities have been scornfully attacked by that country’s elite.

If reasonable calls for restrictions on immigration had been heeded when they were first made, right across Europe, would we now be in the mess we are in? If it is officially regarded as irresponsible, or ‘exploitation’, or ‘sickening’, or ‘divisive’ to say this, then we do not live in freedom, and those who claim to speak in its name are not telling the truth.

Just so.  The fact that mass immigration of non-Western peoples into Western countries is a really, really bad idea has been plain for more than half a century—to British people, since the 1958 race riots.

And for just as long the politicians and salaried opinionators of all Western countries have considered it outrageously unacceptable to state this plain fact out loud.

As mathematicians say:  The result follows.




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