"New Germans? We'll Make Them Ourselves!" AFD's Anti-Demographic Replacement Poster
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Via Gateway Pundit, the above poster:
"New Germans? We’ll make them ourselves", the populist AfD (Alternative für Deutschland) poster proclaims from lamp posts across Germany. The accompanying image shows a smiling pregnant woman reclining on the grass. The expectant mother is – controversially for this country – German. "[Bikinis Over Burkas! Provocative Posters Boost AfD In German Election Campaign, by Damien Cowley, September 11, 2017]
AfD is good at this Meme War/Guerrilla Marketing  thing—this is from a letter from one our readers in May of last year:
Apparently the schism between the globalist elites and the nationalists is occurringfamilyofgermans throughout the Western nations.  This was evident by a recent cover story in the haughty, establishment German newspaper the Frankfurter Allgemeine Woche (Week) magazine.  It depicted the nationalist, populist, and anti-immigration Alternative for Germany (AfD) party member’s idealized demographics as a family of anachronistic, rural Germans titled "How the AfD wants to live".  Although it was intended to be a put-down, the German family portrayed appeared to be very attractive members of that nation to me, and probably to most Germans.

familyofnongermansingermanyThe AfD hit back with a parody cover of its own titled “How AfD’s opponents want us to live” depicting a too-fecund Muslim family with a militant looking father and his females in full coverage burkas.  Alas, the little Dachshund of the German family was now gone, having suffered a terrible fate from the new Islamic overlords.[Sparks Fly In German Press As Treatment Of Muslims Hits "Gunpoint" , Zerohedge, May 2, 2016]

This incident illustrates the contempt the Western transnational elites, both left and right, have for their traditional white populations who want to remain so in the suicidal dash for post nationalism and multiculturalism.  Just reference the recent articles of National Review Online! 

The pregnancy poster isn't even the best one AfD has, I'll make that another post.


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