A Virginia Reader Documents The Anti-Trump Hysteria At NRO
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Re: John Derbyshire’s blog item Getting The Hump Over Trump

From: Virginia Paleoconservative [Email him]

In the past couple of months I have noticed many negative articles about Donald Trump in National Review Online (NRO). Just out of curiosity I decided to find how many there were.(Google Search of National Review for Donald Trump.) Well, it turned out to be a larger job than I anticipated as after cutting and pasting the titles / URLs I tabbed up a staggering over forty such articles! Often the photos of Trump accompanying these articles were distorted and unflattering, often to the point of being grotesque. (See a sample at left. related_donald-trump2_gd_150817[1])

To be accurate there were some NRO articles that were neutral or slightly positive about Trump but they were few and far between (not included in the forty plus listed below) and overwhelmed by the quantity of negative articles. I suppose NRO has to throw some scraps towards its increasingly frustrated readership base on occasion.

This pejorative treatment towards Trump would be expected of the liberal media, not a conservative outlet such as NRO! This unprecedented journalistic bias against one specific Republican candidate…out of seventeen…is in my opinion directed, or certainly being allowed by the management of that organization.

The NRO authors have further debased themselves with these unprofessional, often semi-hysterical attacks.  The end result of this skewed reporting is that whatever modicum of credibility the NRO “girly-boys” (in Ann Coulter’s phrase ) had left has now been thrown into the ash heap of conservative history.

But what are the motivating factors behind these malicious attacks against Donald Trump by NRO and others? It is blatantly obvious that the Republican/Conservative establishment is panicked that a populist conservative, who is also an immigration patriot and not beholden to the donor class has a significant possibility of becoming the Republican nominee for president.

Here’s the list:

VDARE.com note: We’ve decided for once not to link to these—we vouch that they’re there, and if our readers really want read them, just select the titles below, right-click and Google.

  • On Citizenship, the ‘Birthers’ Are Right – John Yoo [14th Amendment]
  • Contra Trump, It’s Not Illegal Immigration That’s to Blame for America’s Decline – Mona Charen
  • Trump’s Crackpot Call for Mass Deportation Is Hurting the Entire GOP Field – Charles Krauthammer
  • Is Trump Really the Anti-PC Warrior His Fans Make Him Out to Be? - Jonah Goldberg
  • Donald Trump Will Win Everything With 110 Percent of the Vote – Jonah Goldberg
  • Rudeness is Not a Conservative Principle – Jonah Goldberg
  • Asking Trump Whether He’d Support the GOP Nominee Was Anything but ‘Unfair’ – Jonah Goldberg
  • Clinton and Trump: Perfect Together - John Fund
  • History Shows That Trump Is Perfectly Willing to Play the Spoiler – John Fund
  • Donald Trump Hasn’t Voted in the Last Six Presidential Primaries – Jillian Kay Melchior
  • Did Donald Trump Run a Scam University? – Jillian Kay Melchior
  • Donald Trump and the American Id – Kevin Williamson
  • The Art of the Con, by Donald Trump – Kevin Williamson
  • Witless Ape Rides Escalator – Kevin Williamson
  • Is Trump a Double Agent for the Left? – John Fund
  • Trump Is a Bad Deal for the GOP – Jonah Goldberg
  • Trump, All Bluster and Babbitt - Kevin Williamson
  • Erickson vs. Trump - Kevin Williamson
  • Fifteen Elephants and a Clown - Kevin Williamson
  • WHINOS: On the Martyrdom of the Holy, Holy Base - Kevin Williamson
  • Trump Fans, It’s Time for an Intervention - Jonah Goldberg
  • How Long Will Trump’s Cathartic Candidacy for Fed-Up Conservatives Last? – Victor David Hanson
  • Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Are Incapable of Embarrassment – Michael Barone
  • Obama and Trump: Two of a Kind – Victor David Hanson
  • Donald Trump and the Republican Party’s ‘Mad as Hell’ Moment – Ian Tuttle
  • Trump, the Unhappy Warrior, Woos Angry Voters by Telling Them What They Want to Hear – John Fund
  • ‘The Phenomenal Incoherence of Trump’ – Rich Lowry
  • ‘Donald the Whiner’ – Rich Lowry
  • Yes, Trump Lost the Debate - Rich Lowry
  • A Fabulously Awful Night for Donald Trump - Rich Lowry
  • Trump – Rich Lowry
  • Donald Trump Is an Affront to Anyone Devoted to William F. Buckley’s Legacy – George Will
  • How to Trump Trump – Quinn Hillyer
  • Donald Trump Is a Hack in a Trucker Hat – Katherine Timpf
  • Trump’s Foreign Policy: America as Global Vulture – Tom Rogan
  • The Trump-Style Lack of Interest in Details – Jonah Goldberg
  • How Do You Argue Against a Trump Fan’s Anger? – Jim Geraghty
  • Rand Paul Is Getting Fed Up with Donald Trump – Jim Geraghty
  • Trump Earns Planned Parenthood Endorsement (of Sorts) – Ian Tuttle
  • Donald Trump’s Planned Parenthood Pander - Ian Tuttle
  • Donald Trump’s Amnesty – The Editors
  • Donald Trump Is Not the First Left-Wing Bogeyman, and He Certainly Won’t Be the Last – David French
  • Candidates Unwilling to Defund Planned Parenthood Shouldn’t Receive a Single Conservative Vote – David French
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