New Frontiers in de Blasioism—Affirmative Action For Children Who “have Incarcerated Parents”
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From the New York Times:

7 New York City Schools Will Reserve Slots for Disadvantaged Students


Taking a small step to address segregation in New York City schools, the Education Department announced on Friday that it would allow seven [elementary] schools to reserve slots for children from low-income or non-English speaking families.

Six of the seven schools that will change their policies are unzoned, meaning that they admit students by lottery rather than by drawing from the surrounding neighborhood, the Education Department said. Under the pilot program, students who qualify for free or reduced lunch, are in the child welfare system, are English-language learners or have incarcerated parents would be given priority in those lotteries.

Did that just say there would be affirmative action for children who “have incarcerated parents”?

Is that really a prudent way to pick your admittees? Do you get double Pokemon points if both your parents are in jail?

Is it a good incentive to encourage people to say, “I’m not dealing crack for the money, I’m doing it to get my kid into a good school”?

Knowing how obsessive New York City white parents are about their children’s schools, will in a few years white kids be showing up at these schools claiming to be the in vitro-fertilized offspring of Bernie Madoff?

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