Netanyahu for President!(3) - Not Gideon Aronoff
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Israeli Army Dog Intercepts Palestinian Woman - (Agence France Press)

Israeli Dog Intercepts Palestinian Woman

 Last year, I noted the determination of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to protect Israel from the adverse effect of excessive non-Jewish immigration. He cited, besides the obvious Zionist issue, labor market concerns, saying the newcomers were

...causing socio-economic and cultural damage and threaten to take us back down to the level of the Third World. They take the jobs of the weakest Israelis."

PM: Infiltrators pull us towards Third World Tani Goldstein 01.21.10 Proof that this was sincere came yesterday from Agence France Press

AFP - Palestinians desperate for work in Israel will go to extremes to sneak past the West Bank barrier, but now they face a new hurdle — army attack dogs sent to sniff them out.

Workers say the use of dogs to hunt down anyone trying to enter Israel illegally is a new phenomenon which has only been occurring for about two months.

Army dogs wage war on illegal Palestinian workers 17 May 2011 The Israeli Army claims to be looking for terrorists, but apparently all those intercepted have been merely hoping for casual daily work, and intending to return home.

By a happy coincidence, in this country The Jewish Daily Forward chose the same day to publish Immigration Reform Is Our Jewish Responsibility By Gideon Aronoff President and CEO of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society - a key Treason Lobby Bastion.

As Jews, we should promote policies that fulfill the Torah's mandate to "welcome the stranger because we were strangers in the land of Egypt."

We have already started to strengthen our ties with the Latino community, the fastest-growing minority in the United States. As this strategic alliance of mutual support forms, immigration is a natural connector...

Ultimately, changing our immigration system is...about honoring our history and what immigration to the United States has meant for us. As Americans, we must ensure that we are an inclusive Jews, we must remember that we are commanded to welcome the strangers - not because they are Jews, but because we are Jews

(This concept that Hispanics could be politically useful seems to be finding more frequent and open expression.)

So, while the Israelis deploy dogs to keep out even day workers, in the worst American job market since the 1930s effective border policing has not happened and the idea of an immigration moratorium is excluded from political debate.

Why the difference?

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