Nebraska Upset: Correspondent's Choice Wins GOP Senate Nod
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After the deeply discouraging GOP Establishment sabotage of Ilario Pantano in the NC-7th Primary, it is pleasant to see them come unstuck in Nebraska, where our correspondent’s preference won. State Sen. Deb Fischer pulls big upset in Nebraska GOP Senate primary by Rachel Weiner Washington Post 05/15/2012.

Both the two leading candidates, who mustered all the Republican Big Feet except Sarah Palin, looked pretty dubious from a point of view.

Fischer’s campaign website dealt briefly but adequately with immigration:

Keeping our borders secure is a primary responsibility of the federal government. If elected, I will support increased agents/troops on our southern border to beef up security. I support the E-verify system of validating legal immigrants when they apply for a new job. I will not tolerate those who break immigration laws and enter our country illegally. In the Nebraska Legislature, I strongly opposed giving benefits and in-state tuition to illegal aliens. In the U.S. Senate, I will oppose amnesty and other attempts to provide incentives for those who violate our laws.

She was the best of the major candidates according to NumbersUSA.

Following the Kelly Ayotte fiasco I am jaundiced about women Senators. Defying the Congressional Leadership takes courage. But one lives in hope.

And anyone who can defeat the GOP Power Structure gets applause.

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