A Nebraska Reader Thinks The Club For Growth Is REALLY Dog-Whistling Jon Bruning
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Nebraska Senate Contest: RedState Outs A RINO - By Dog-Whistling?

From: An Anonymous Nebraskan [Email him]

Talk about a dog whistle! The Club for Growth attack ads on Nebraska GOP Senate primary candidate Jon Bruning zoom in on his face under a magnifying glass.  After watching this ad repeatedly it occurred to me that Jon has some very slight Negro features, e.g. the hair, complexion, and lips.  [See it on YouTube] Did the Club for Growth think about this?

  I am fed up with both Bruning and Stenberg and will vote for Deb Fischer, the third mainstream candidate.  Pat Flynn, a fourth Ron Paul type candidate, is also quite good on immigration. 

I backed Bruning in 2007 when he started a run against Treason Lobby zealot Chuck Hagel. Back then he was quite strong on immigration. 

Bruning lost me, though, when he pushed a case against a state patrolman who joined a Klan type group on-line out of frustration from losing his wife to a Mexican.  An arbitrator ruled in favor of the patrolman but Bruning pushed it to the Supreme Court who kicked the poor guy out.  See State v Henderson, Nebraska Supreme Court 2009.

It’s a mystery why our GOP guys can’t be as good as Steve King.  Possibly ours have to suck up more to the Buffett World Herald and Journal-Star. Warren Buffett owns the World Herald outright and has purchased large amounts of Journal Star parent corporation Lee Enterprises debt.

 King is by himself in a corner of a Democratic state, but in Nebraska all roads lead through Omaha.


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