Nebraska RNC-man Ignores Senate Victory, Demands Open Borders
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Nebraska RNCman's Kramer: Grandma was an immigrant - so flooding the Country is great!

Read much about the 2012 Senate race in Nebraska? Me neither.

That is because it does not fit the MSM (and GOP Establishment) template. Republican winner Deb Fischer, who took the seat from the Democrats by stomping former Governor and Senator Bob Kerrey also won in the Primary against GOP Establishment- and Neocon- backed candidates - and happened to have the best position on immigration.

The lesson of this has not dawned on new Nebraska Republican National Committee man David Kramer – quite the reverse. He has given an interview to the Lincoln Journal Star demanding the party adopt an Open Borders policy.

Kramer, an Omaha attorney, has succeeded Pete Ricketts as the party's national committeeman after a stint as state chairman and a 2006 bid for the Republican Senate nomination...During his Senate race, Kramer was far ahead of his party in proposing an immigration reform plan that would have opened the door to legal status for illegal residents who have been in the United States five years or more.

He now says

"The way to fix illegal immigration is to fix legal immigration."
"...if you expand the ability of people to come in legally, you may go a long way toward resolving the problem.""...If a person has been here more than five years, never been arrested or convicted of a felony, paid taxes and is a good, hard-working, contributing member of society, that person might be offered a pathway to legal status if he or she pays a fine and "gets in line behind others who are following the rules for citizenship."

GOP leader says party needs to learn from election By Don Walton January 05 2013

Kramer’s immigration enthusiasm may stem from the familiar, ridiculous and poisonous grandparent romanticsm (shared with Sheldon Adelson): it appears his grandmother immigrated from Panama. (Panama native Hilda Jaen Kramer known for her passion, cooking By Sue Story Truax Wednesday, October 17,2012)

His RNC biography boasts

David speaks Spanish and Portuguese fluently

(How much chance of support for the electorally promising Official English policy here?)

It also, amazingly tastelessly, advertises his lobbying credentials:

David is a Partner at Baird Holm LLP and provides many clients with assistance in government relations, primarily at the state and local levels. Because of his longstanding political involvement and relationships, David is able to work closely with clients and their registered lobbyists to strategically achieve their goals.

Could it just be about money?

Further demonstrating policy ineptitude, Kramer uncomprehendingly raises a key point:

"I am frustrated by the fact that Democrats seem to successfully define the Republican Party as the party of the rich…"
"My perception is that Mitt Romney was a far better candidate than John McCain (in 2008) and probably as qualified a candidate from an economic perspective as you could have," he said."But there were fewer votes for Romney than McCain. What happened? What was that due to?

What happened was that not enough Northern whites turned out to vote. Promising to slash their living standards by flooding labor markets – including the tech graduate market – repels them. What has happened in Nebraska’s meat packing industry is a classic example.

Tell David Kramer to try thinking - rather than treason.


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