NBC’s Heilemann Admits He’s A Democrat, And Proves Democrats Don’t Know Who Americans Even Are
June 21, 2018, 12:52 PM
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The Daily Caller points to a wonderful video that shows just how bad the media are … not that we need reminding.

The segment features NBC’s John Heilemann, who bills himself as a neutral reporter, speaking about the immigrant/family separation “crisis” that has “engulfed” the Trump Administration.

You can’t inflict this kind of policy on Americans, and not pay a political price. We have a great chance to inflict [a political price on Trump] and his party on November. We, I mean the Democratic Party.

I’m not part of the Democratic party, but people who object to this policy, which I think is a lot of people.

[“NBC’S John Heilemann Slips Up And Admits He’s A Democrat,” by Dominic Mancini, The Daily Caller, June 20, 2018.]

Yet Heilemann admitted more than being a member of the party that hates the historic American nation. He also admitted he doesn’t know what an American is. Note his locution: “You can’t inflict this kind of policy on Americans.”

The policy is not “being inflicted on Americans.” It’s “being inflicted,” meaning being enforced, upon border-jumping foreigners.

Never forget that.