Keep Calm and Continue Detaining Illegals
June 20, 2018, 11:35 PM
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Trump Derangement Syndrome has, for the past week, side-morphed into Crying Children Separated From Parents Derangement Syndrome.

It's not pretty.

Rachel Maddow broke down and cried.  Laura Bush penned a Washington Post op-ed piece telling us we had no compassion.  Michelle Obama concurred on Twitter.

The histrionics are a concentrated little version of the election of Trump himself:  all of official America rends their garments and writhes in righteousness, inducing eye-rolling with intonations like "we're better than that," "that's not what America was founded on", and "this is exactly what the Nazis did". 

A few blisteringly obvious points.

  • Border agents aren't separating children from their parents.  Illegals are.  What's visited upon children is the direct result of their parents' criminality.  Since before the dawn of chain migration, our elites have lectured us about "not breaking up families," but people who voluntarily leave their families to break in to our country are the ones initiating that. 
  • "Separating children from parents" is a pretty obvious byproduct of prosecution, as explained here. Except in the rare instance when father and son share a prison (it happens), all prisoners are separated from their parents.
  • No children have been killed, hurt, or deprived of necessities.  In fact, I trust we're shelling out a lot for them to be cared for, in ways they could not have imagined in Guatemala.
  • We don't need these people in America -- the parents or the children.  Many are Central American and ethnically indigenous, a powerful predictor of future failure to assimilate, burden social services and commit crime.
  • None of the professional wailers had any tears for Kate Steinle, her family, or anyone else who was actually killed by an illegal alien.  Selective tears are unconvincing.
  • The media, as usual, has channeled every last resource into covering separated children, but, also as usual, nothing about the harmful effects of illegal immigration. 
  • Real America does not give a crap.  The louder the wails of the Rachel Maddow, the less actual Americans care. 

I advise continued enforcement of the law. 


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