NBC's Coverage of the Handsome White Criminal...Who Turned Out To Be Black
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iSteve commenter IC1000 writes:

Regarding the Houston Handsome White Criminal, cataloging NBC Nightly News’ version of The Narrative.

The scorecard as of Saturday night:

* Dec. 31 — 1 min 38 sec“Manhunt Underway After Gunman Opens Fire On Family, Killing 7-Year-Old Girl”
* Jan 1 — no story
* Jan 2 — 1 min 15 sec “$50,000 Reward To Find Gunman Who Left 7-Year-Old Dead”
* Jan 3 — 1 min 43 sec “Police Release Sketch In Hunt For Killer Of 7-Year-Old In ‘Unprovoked’ Attack”
* Jan 4 — no story
* Jan 5 — 1 min 6 sec “Community Calls For Justice For Jazmine Barnes, 7-Year-Old Killed In Texas”

There are about 18 minutes of News each evening. The white-murderer-black-victim aspect of this Texas drive-by shooting meant that it merited over 5% of available time for those 6 nights, making it about the fourth most important story, nationwide.

An update, in the wake of Sunday morning’s arrest of two black suspects:
* Sun. Jan 6 — no story
* Mon. Jan 7 — 1 min 15 sec story on the case of “mistaken identity”; no mention of race or black or white.

Imagine a world where employees of second-tier news organizations wouldn’t think for themselves, preferring instead to follow narratives set out by their social betters. I wonder what reporting in such a world would look like?

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