Native Irish Riot (As Predicted By After Three Children Stabbed By Apparent Third World Immigrant
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In 2002, John Derbyshire wrote about Third Word Immigration to Ireland:

Ireland seems to be particularly attractive to Nigerians, including those very skilful con artists you may have heard about, to whose persuasions the newly-affluent Irish seem to be very susceptible. Not all Irish people are yet ready to be cemented into the Gorgeous Mosaic, though. There have been some ugly incidents, and the government is now issuing vigorous declarations of its determination to stamp out ”racism.” Dubliners, who are a gambling people, are opening books on the year and month when the city will have its first race riot.”

I said in 2020 (after a Nigerian hospital attendant was jailed in Ireland for raping a 73-year-old white Irishwoman) if anybody had 2011 in the pool, they’d have won—see The worst black flash mob attack yet—in Ireland, by Africans, by Lawrence Auster, July 9, 2011.

But that wasn’t a real riot—this is, and it’s the native Irish who are doing it: Dublin riot: ’Huge destruction’ after school stabbing leads to 34 arrests, BBC, November 24, 2023,

The protesters are white, and they’re reacting to stabbing by, apparently, an immigrant.

Earlier, two girls and a boy aged six or under were hurt in the knife frenzy near Parnell Square on the city’s north side, while a woman in her 30s was seriously injured when she tried stop the attack.

A man in his 50s, who was said to have intervened too, is seriously hurt too….

A suspect has been arrested in connection with the attacks, and police have said they are not treating the attack as terror-related.

They said that they are not ”ruling out any motive”.

Irish Justice Minister Helen McEntee called for calm and said the riots were being led by ”thuggish and manipulative elements”.

She said: ”We will not tolerate a small number using an appalling incident to spread division. I would appeal for calm in the city centre as An Garda Siochana carry out their work – attacks on members of An Garda Siochana must be utterly condemned and will be dealt with severely.

”Most importantly, we must remember the real tragedy of today and allow the investigations take their course.”….

Rumours spread on social media that the attacker was a migrant. That had not been confirmed by authorities at all by Thursday evening

Buses and police car set on fire in ’far-right’ riot erupts Dublin after 3 children among 5 hurt in knife attack,  November 24, 2023

It had ”had not been confirmed by authorities at all by Thursday evening”? WHY NOT?

These riots aren’t like the George Floyd Riots, they’re more like the old school white race riots America used to have before World War II after a child was killed or a woman was raped by blacks.

They still seem to be not saying who it was. A BBC interview with a heroic delivery driver (an immigrant himself, from Brazil) who hit the knife-armed attacker with his motorcycle helmet, goes into his immigration status, but fails to ask him ”What color was the attacker?”

He doesn’t, however, say that it was a red-haired man named Michael.

Irish-American  Pádraic O’Bannon’s story at the top of the page (“Ireland Is Rising” and #Ireland Is Full. Irish Patriots Have Had Enough Of The Great Replacement) from February of this year indicates that there was already a nascent resistance movement, which can hardly be surprising given Ireland’s revolutionary history. (The BBC story shows rioting in Dublin’s O’Connell Street, in front of the monument to Daniel O’Connell, the Liberator—that monument has bullet holes in from the 1916 Easter Rising.)

Here are five earlier stories by me on the destruction of Ireland.

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