Napolitano Won't Release DHS Report on Nun Killer's Non-Deportation
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Didn’t Obama and company promise more openness and transparency in government?

That’s easier said than done, particularly in the arena of immigration enforcement, where the administration claims increased arrests and deportations of criminals (while ignoring the job-thievery aspect). Having illegal alien crime under control, along with border security, is understood to be a prerequisite to get a mass amnesty out of Congress.

Today’s example of the Obama administration acting against the safety of Americans concerns the death of nun Sister Denise Mosier at the hands of a drunk-driving illegal alien, a crime that got national attention because of the victim.

The accused killer, Carlos Montano, slammed head-on into the nun’s car, in his third drunk-driving incident in five years. He had twice been slated for deportation but somehow was released onto public streets. The notoriety of the case forced DHS head Janet Napolitano to investigate the screw-up.

The truth is that DHS has never taken drunk driving seriously, because the crime is so common. Inebriated driving is actually considered a desirable macho attribute in hispanic culture. If every drunk driving illegal alien were required to be deported, it would take up more resources than the government is willing to expend on public safety.

The Obama bunch say they are “prioritizing” deportations to repatriate the worst criminals first. That’s a reasonable strategy, but drunk-driving illegal aliens endanger all Americans, because everyone travels the roadways and navigates crosswalks. The government’s lack of seriousness is evident in this case, and all the others.

Clearly, the results of Napolitano’s investigation must be really damning, since it is being quashed.

DHS withholds probe into Prince William drunk driver who killed nun, Washington Post, October 12, 2010

The Obama administration will not release the results of an investigation into why an illegal immigrant with two drunk driving convictions went almost two years without a deportation hearing before a crash that killed a Virginia nun, a senior official said.

Carlos Martinelly-Montano, 23, who entered the country illegally from Bolivia as a child, is accused of killing Sister Denise Mosier, 66, and injuring two other Benedictine nuns while driving drunk in Prince William County on Aug. 1.

The furor over the way Martinelly-Montano’s case was handled by Immigration and Customs Enforcement prompted the agency’s boss, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, to announce an investigation.

“Why is it that this individual was driving?” Napolitano asked at a news conference Aug. 2, one day after the accident on Bristow Road. “He was in the removal process. Why did the removal process take so long?”

The inquiry is complete, but Homeland Security does not plan to make the results public, according to the senior official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak about the matter.

“It’s a document that includes law enforcement sensitivities, so it will not be made public,” the official said. He declined to discuss the nature of those sensitivities.

The sensitivity being protected is incompetence.

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