Must Read: THE IRISH SAVANT on John McCain
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Of course there should be no surprise that the despicable John McCain ( archive here) should stage a Grand Finale to his career by betraying his colleagues and the Republican base on Obamacare.

The sort of Big Donors McCain heeds have no health care worries themselves. The issue is not important to them. Indeed, the fact that Obamacare is Racial Socialism, basically plundering industrious whites for the benefit of economically incompetent Blacks and Hispanics, may actually please them given their prejudices. And think of all that MSM adulation!

Peter Brimelow commented a few days ago Yes, John McCain Needs Prayers–Because Of His Disgusting Treatment Of Jason Richwine. But this latest atrocity gives me the pleasure of drawing the attention of’s readers to a classic by our old friend The Irish Savant, in my view one of the most intelligent Bloggers out there:

Ode To Joy

What's that creaking sound I hear? Why it's the Gates Of Hell opening up to receive a prized new entry. Yes, John McCain has been diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer and, all going well, will die in agony some time over the next few months. Now they say you shouldn't wish serious illness on anybody. Karma and all that. But why not wish the very worst on the very worst of psychopaths? And that's what McCain is. A depraved, malevolent, degenerate, lying sack of shit.

Far from being a war hero he met the legal definition of a traitor through having betrayed military secrets to Vietnam, America's enemy du jour. According to documents secured by Counter Punch, he divulged specific military information such as the aircraft carrier on which he was based, pilot casualties and morale, and information about rescue ships’ locations.

[From Counter Punch]… McCain flew 23 bombing missions over North Vietnam, each averaging about half an hour, total time ten hours and thirty minutes. For these brief excursions the admiral’s son was awarded two Silver Stars, two Legions of Merit, two Distinguished Flying Crosses, three Bronze Stars, the Vietnamese Legion of Honor and three Purple Hearts...

After noting McCain’s role in the Forrestal disaster - and that his father was

the guy who master-minded the USS Liberty cover-up

Irish Savant correctly says

McCain's worst sin of all has been his war-mongering. Libya, Kosovo, Serbia, Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, Georgia..... McCain was knee deep in the slaughter, cheering on aggression, doing everything in his power to prevent peaceful solutions. He has spent the last few years of his life trying to goad Russia into a war with NATO and America into war with Iran.

I commend the whole thing, including the hypothesizing at the why the MSM has always adored McCain.

It was John McCain, after all, who provoked Peter Brimelow to write The Immigration Debate: Racism—Or Treason? twenty years ago

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