The Right Stuff: "Angry White Dude" as Polemicist
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Polemical writing takes talent. The American educational system, with its predilection for the pompous and sonorous (and of course its PC timidity) is a terrible training ground. Also, it helps to really care about your topic.


I first came across the Angry White Dude blog because its caustic remarks about President Obama's curious enthusiasm for bowing to foreign Monarchs (providing they are colored). AWD has what it takes to make a polemicist. Look at today's blog Where is Mr. Amnesty John McCain?

Why is John McCain sitting this one out on amnesty for illegal aliens? Why is he fighting so hard for repealing ObamaCare? Why is he sounding so conservative these days? It's really exciting! Has he seen the light after decades of being a "maverick" aka RINO and flipping the bird at us conservatives? Is he repenting for his miserable presidential campaign? Has he changed his ways of being an arrogant jerk who believes he's above the rest of us?

Naaaaah. He's running for re-election!

Here is an item for the Lindsey Graham collection:
It's been strange watching Lindsey "Fredo Corleone" Graham taking the lead of shoving amnesty down our throats with Chuckie Schumer...But Fredo Graham is McCain's "mini-me" and can carry McCain's water while it's too dangerous for Juan himself to go near amnesty
Nice phrase! (Shows our age though, AWD.) The post continues:
What a wicked, conniving piece of trash McCain is! When he has a 3 or 4 year cushion left in his term, he has no problem running 180 degrees opposite of the desires of his constituents. He'd rather get invited to communist cocktail parties and communist Sunday morning talk shows...He will say or do anything to stay in office. Because he knows if he is voted out, he becomes nothing more than a pool boy for his rich, spoiled wife and will have to listen to his disgusting daughter talk about gay marriage all day!
Nice picture too: Check out AWD's equally effective post on the Philadelphia rioting last Saturday night: THANK GOD FOR PHILLY - IT KEEPS THEM THERE!
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